Claire followed her art foundation course in Cheltenham with a degree in Fine Art at Reading University. After University she spent 10 years working in London firstly in film marketing and then as an art consultant for offices and public spaces.  She has been painting portraits and wildlife full-time for over 20 years and works in a studio in her garden in North Wiltshire.

Claire works predominantly in oils or charcoal either for exhibitions or on commission.  Combining traditional painting and glazing techniques, her unorthodox use of colour gives the pieces a dynamic and contemporary feel. She frequently uses colours that do not occur in the habitat of the animals she paints, despite the fact that they have all been seen in the flesh and studied by her at close quarters.  An interest in film and art direction is integral to her wildlife work, this is demonstrated by the panoramic shapes capturing snapshots of movement and her raw and vividly cropped compositions.

With a P.G.C.E in Art and Design she also teaches adult drawing and painting classes, recently setting up ART | WORK, which brings drawing and painting classes into the workplace to help inspire focus and purpose through creativity.

Exhibitions include:

'This Place, Far Away', Gala Fine Art Online Exhibition - Aug 2020
Edinburgh Art Fair, Gala Fine Art - Nov 2017
Fresh Art Fair, Gala Fine Art - May 2017
Bristol Affordable Art Fair, Gala Fine Art - Spring 2017
Forton Fine Art - Nov 2015
Quiddity Art Fair - Oct 2015
Edinburgh Art Fair, Gala Fine Art - 2015
Buy Art Fair, Manchester, Gala Fine Art - 2015
Liverpool Art Fair, Gala Fine Art - 2015
The Affordable Art Fair, Bristol with Leonora Martin Fine Art - Sept 2014
Barn Gallery, Kington Langley - November 2013
Moorwood Art, Hereford - March 2013
Guggleton Farm Gallery - October 2012
Moorwood Show, Somerset - May 2011
Edinburgh Art Fair - November 2010
Art of Africa, High Wycombe - November 2010
Guggleton Gallery, Stalbridge - October 2009
Grandy Art, Lennox Gallery, London - November 2008
Guggleton Gallery, Stalbridge - October 2008
The Wykeham Gallery, Stockbridge - October 2008
Hampshire Art Fair - Oct 2008
First View Gallery, Stourhead, Stourton - Group Show - Summer 2008
Kent Art Fair - May 2008
Grandy Art, Lennox Gallery, London – December 2007
Karen Taylor Gallery, Twickenham – Group Show – December 2007
Guggleton Gallery, Stalbridge – Group Show – October 2007
The Wykeham Gallery, Stockbridge – Group Show – Summer 2007
First View Gallery, Stourhead, Stourton – Group Show - Summer 2007
Royal Geographic Society - sole exhibitor at “Elephant Choices and Human Voices” – Nov 2006.
Winter Exhibition, Guggleton Gallery, Stalbridge – Nov 2006
Art for Youth, The Mall Galleries – Oct 2006
The River House Gallery, Surrey. Save the Children Fund Exhibition - April 2006
The Arndean Gallery, Cork Street, London - March 2006
The Wykeham Gallery, Stockbridge - Feb 2006
Hampshire Art Fair - Nov 2005
Bonham's, London - Sept 2005